What You Need To Know

Montessori is as much a method of education as it is an approach to life. We ask that you become as familiar as you can with Montessori Education, Montessori School of Casper, and how you can help your child’s development. The following are for you assistance:

  • Observe in your child’s preschool/kindergarten class before enrolling and continually after enrolling.
  • Come to Parent Nights and General Meetings at school. These meetings are informative evenings about Montessori theory, school business, materials in your child’s classroom and topics of importance to child rearing.
  • Be involved with your child’s school life. Involvement says to your child that you care. There are many committees you can join to help your child’s school.
  • Read the information emailed and sent home. It keeps you informed about up and coming events and approaching deadlines. It also gives you volunteer opportunities.
  • A list is provided to you of when it is your week to bring snack, flowers, and shovel snow.
  • A handbook with information about the school, its policies, and the schools by-laws is passed out at the Drop-In Orientation.
  • Observe the school’s policies. They were established to protect and further your child’s development.