Words From Our Parents and Alumni

"Our 3rd Grade son came home from school and said, “the multiplication that I am learning now really isn’t that hard because of the skip counting I learned at Montessori.” This statement is a summation of the amazing education my kids received from the Montessori School of Casper.  As opposed to many of the other options we explored for our children, Montessori elevated all expectations for my boys. From grace and courtesy lessons, to self discipline, and very challenging activities all nestled in a beautiful and fostering environment. The foundation our children received from this very school has helped build and foster a love of reading and of learning that has been reflected in their ongoing educational success. The Montessori School of Casper was a gift to our family, our children, and their future."  ~ Tad & Jennifer True


“Each of our three children attended the Montessori School of Casper, two of them through early Elementary age, and the third through Kindergarten. Each had a wonderful and intensely personal experience there.  Each has also been singularly successful in his/her subsequent schooling, and I firmly believe the social and academic foundation provided by their Montessori experience has played a critical role in their later successes. They were encouraged to pursue those things that interested them, to approach the world with curiosity and focus, and to treat those around them with respect and courtesy. There were expectations and standards set, and lovingly communicated and enforced.” ~Vicki and Bob Stamp


“Montessori education is giving my child the peace and freedom to explore areas of his interest.  It is within this calm and loving environment that he is discovering his internal motivation to learn on his own accord;  it is setting the stage for my son to have ownership of his education.”  ~ Thea True-Wells, M.Ed


"We knew immediately this was the perfect place for our daughter after attending our initial observation.   We were fortunate enough to send our daughter to Montessori School of Casper all three years.  I can’t begin to tell you everything she (and we) took away from this wonderful little school.  MSC balances work, play, music and social interaction.  My daughter learned appreciation and respect for all things, living and non, independence, how to finish a project, count to 10,000, read and write (cursive).  All under safe, loving and nurturing guidance!  It’s amazing to have your 4 year old discuss the trinomial cube and three dimensional shapes with you!  I am so happy they helped us provide a proper foundation for my child."  ~ Carrie Ballew-Reese


"In the early 80’s a group of parents were working to establish a new location for the Montessori School of Casper. A dedicated teacher, Debbi Savini was leading on this mission. Now 30 plus years later, both of my adult children were blessed to have attended the school. Today I am so proud that my granddaughters will both attend MSC, and my daughter, Whitney Lovelace is the incoming President. My family has a long history with MSC an continues to believe strongly in the early education and foundation they provide for children." ~ Pete Greiner


"While I was downstairs folding laundry, my son, Eli Louis, came and announced that he made a fruit salad to go with dinner.  I followed him to the kitchen where I noticed a cutting board and colander in the sink, and watched as he opened the refrigerator and proudly presented me with a glass bowl of cut green apples, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  When I asked him what he had used to cut the fruit, he responded a “medium sized paring knife.” Eli was three.  To me, this moment captures what is so very special about Montessori School of Casper - the independence and drive to meet their own needs that the environment and Guides create within children.   As a Montessori graduate myself, it is amazing that I have the opportunity to educate my son with the same philosophy and the same Guide that I experienced 30 years ago, but that in and of itself is a testimony to the strength of MSC and the lifetime impact that it has on its students.  Montessori is allowing my child the opportunity to become an independent thinker and it is teaching him, as a three year old, to take responsibility of his education…setting the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.  One of the ideals that I am most appreciative about MSC is the cooperative aspect of the classroom.  This philosophy creates a community, which allows children to begin to develop a global perspective, with respect for others as well as the Earth. As a parent, MSC has taught me to value Eli Louis as a person, a capable person, and not as a child.  It has pushed me to trust him with difficult tasks, and watching him take pride in accomplishing tough things is one of the most joyful feelings I have ever experienced.  An investment in MSC is truly an investment in the future of our community."  ~ Cody Lou Taubert


"When we moved to Casper, we were looking for a preschool and kindergarten that would provide our child with the care and attention she needed while also challenging her to grow intellectually.  The Casper Montessori school provides this environment with the excellent staff and facilities.  We were so pleased with our child's development and the progress she made in the years she was at Montessori.  Our child was well prepared for the public school system when she left Montessori." ~ Brian & Jennifer Deurloo  


"Our family has had two kids graduate from the Montessori School of Casper and are planning on sending our third. We chose MSC for the environment (initially but gained way more than we ever imagined). My first child is very reserved and dislikes loud environments, and MSC provided a quiet environment. I did not know how my second child would do, since he is very outgoing and loves to play around. Needless to say they both thrived in the MSC environment. They both gained so many experiences beyond the traditional classroom/preschool setting. To this day they both talk about experiences from MSC, making snacks, planting food, and the flower walk. My kids have a solid foundation for wanting to learn! As a parent I gained an amazing experience with being able to be involved with my kid’s school. I think when parents are able to volunteer and get involved they show their children that education is important. It was nice to meet fellow parents that were as invested in their child's education as I was. MSC is an amazing place for all children, and for parents too."  ~ Marnell Family


"They had me at observation! When I visited for observation, prior to my own kids attending, I was already impressed. There was no ‘group-think’ with students all doing the same thing and being led by an adult. Instead what I saw was children engaged in their own tasks or working in pairs using self-correcting materials. The children were learning “how” to learn! They were making discoveries! It was a joy to see. I have sent my own children through MSC and after 5 years of involvement I’m still impressed with the program." ~ Christy Walker


"I currently have two daughters enrolled in the Montessori School of Casper (MSC), a 3 year-old and 5 year old.  Within the first two months of attending MSC I noticed tremendous growth in all areas of my 3-year olds development and pre-academic skills.  She is now increasingly more independent at home and has a new-found confidence in her voice.  The school provides a calm and inviting atmosphere which has been key in helping her make the successful transition to preschool.   I know my child is safe and nurtured while she is at school, and it is with the support and gentle guidance from her classroom Guide and Assistants, my daughter is flourishing at the Montessori School of Casper.   My older daughter is currently attending kindergarten at the Montessori School of Casper (MSC) as well.  My husband and I chose to send our daughter here for her kindergarten year because MSC has been instrumental in encouraging her to grow academically and socially.  MSC consistently provides a calm, safe environment in which she is daily challenged.  She is provided with clear, consistent and concise instruction and she is allowed to work at her own pace which encourages refinement and mastery of skills.  As a result of her time at MSC, she now has very strong foundational skills in math, literacy, penmanship, geography, fine arts, and science concepts. The carefully executed Montessori Method has given my daughter the internal motivation and self-confidence to stay focused and work through very challenging, higher level concepts.   Additionally, as a result of her time at MSC she has the self-discipline and necessary skills to work independently or as a contributing member of a team.  We are very pleased with the well-rounded education she is receiving at the Montessori School of Casper."  ~ Dawn Kropatsch


"The development we have seen in our Grandchild is nothing short of amazing. Much of this has been the result of Montessori School of Casper. Great concept, great staff, great faculty, great building/grounds." ~ Brian Connely


"Montessori School of Casper is so amazing! Our daughter Kada has been there for the past 2 years and is on the verge of reading, she is working on hand writing in cursive, and so much more! Her wonderful teachers, Miss Carmen, Miss Jamie and Miss Carolyn get to know the personality of each child and guides them in a way that fits! Kada is very artistic, so she is encouraged to watercolor paint her numbers!!! So awesome! If you are looking for a preschool-kindergarten program for you child I would highly recommend this school!" ~ Alicia Crispell


"Amazing school! This wonderful place helped to give our son a love for learning, an understanding of the importance of goals, a sense of responsibility to share his learning with others and a growth mindset. His teacher was knowledgeable and nurturing." ~ Diane McGinley


"This school has given our daughter such an incredible foundation of knowledge and life skills. I am so very pleased with each and every staff member as they have treated our daughter and our family with the upmost care. Our daughter began at age 3 and has developed into a mature and accomplished young lady. Our entire experience has been amazing." ~ Jennifer Reece


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