About Montessori


About the Montessori School of Casper (MSC)

The Montessori School of Casper (MSC), a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has been in continuous operations for nearly 40 years. The MSC prides itself in the quality early educational environment provided to children and has educated over 1,000 students since opening its doors in Casper. We are equally proud of the consistent stewardship of our families’ tuition fees and community donations.

MSC has maintained a consistent staffing structure for its entire history, with our lead guide (primary teacher) having 30 years tenure.

About the Campaign

MSC currently owns our building but must move from its current location to expand its operations to meet the current and future needs of the children we serve.

MSC has secured a property in the historic Old Yellowstone District in downtown Casper. The building will need to be remodeled and updated as it is currently a pipe warehouse facility. It is structurally able to provide two full classrooms, a daycare room, a teacher workroom, offices and a reception area that can be converted to a meeting hall. An existing parking lot will become an outdoor learning area and playground. Under the current plans of our architects and Board, we are confident that the new facility will be operational by the fall of 2012. 

In addition to supporting the long-term plans of the city of Casper for redevelopment of the Old Yellowstone District, this project will provide a safer location for the children we serve, a critical need identified by our parents.

Campaign’s Benefit to the Community

A community needs many things to become a thriving, engaged and enticing place to live. One of the key components of any community is its educational system. Families and employers look to the quality of educational opportunities when contemplating when and where to relocate. The bedrock of a strong and solid educational system is its early learning environments. 

The Montessori School of Casper has been part of Casper’s bedrock of early learning for over 37 years. Our students leave MSC ready to learn and, as is evidenced in our wait list, more families want a Montessori education than we can currently provide.  By doubling our capacity, MSC becomes a larger part of improving Casper’s quality of life.

In Natrona County, MSC is one of the few early childhood centers offering a full- and half-day comprehensive learning environment for three- to six-year olds. MSC has as its core mission the intellectual development of children supplemented with a day care option, as opposed to a day care offering some academic readiness projects. With the addition of a scholarship program to
the open enrollment policy of MSC, the school is bridging the gap between necessity and opportunity for working families in the region.

Campaign Benchmarks

  • Create a building and playground designed for Montessori education using AMI guidelines and recommendations.  These areas will be ready for the 2012-2013 school year.

  • Increase student enrollment at “growing capacity” for the first two years. Since additional classrooms must be filled under Montessori guidelines, year one would be limited to 9 students, year two would be limited to 18 and year three would have 27.  At year three, MSC would be considered “at capacity” for two classrooms with a total student body of 54.

  • Sustain operating budget entirely by tuition fees by second year.

    Campaign Contacts

    To discuss the campaign, or to offer assistance, please contact the MSC Capital Campaign Co-Chairs: Ann Schiffman Ruble (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 307-439-9889) or Thea True-Wells (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 503-312-8432.